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The Motherhood Paradox

motherhood in all its contradictions

Welcome! I am so grateful to have you here. If you are a new parent, curious about parenthood, in the throws of pregnancy or post-partum, a seasoned parent, or someone who wants to support the parents in their life, it's great to have you.

I hope that by sharing my experience in motherhood, I can help others feel that they are heard and seen. Motherhood is hard, period. So let's help reinforce this new era of motherhood where we openly discuss the challenging, messy parts and the parts that are filled with joy. Let's dig into mental health and perinatal supports that are needed. And let's ask the tough questions and say the things that we needed to hear.

With love,

The Motherhood Paradox

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Exclusive Pumping (And How I Lasted 3 Weeks)

Exclusive pumping (EP for short), wasn’t a term I had even heard of until after my daughter was born. No one ever even gave me a name for...

You are Enough, Mom

Hey mom, ever feel like you aren’t good enough? Imposter syndrome is something that I’ve heard about a lot in grad school – the idea that...

From Baby-Hater to Baby-Obsessed

No one would have ever confused me with being a baby person – in fact my work friends have a running joke about how much I hate babies...

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