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A Little About Me


I'm from Ontario and am now officially in my 30s. The most important people in my life are my family, which I am blessed to have. I'm an only child but grew up with my cousin/twin/bff who has been my partner in crime for the last 30 years.

I met my husband in first year university when we were 18 and he's still pretty great. I am a big reader (I'm a sucker for YA fantasy, love poetry by and about women, and have a nerdy penchant for science audiobooks recently...?). I am also a passionate writer, wine lover, and enjoy swimming, creative things and being outdoors.

I am what I call a perpetual student - my background is in English and psychology. I have a teaching degree and a masters in education. I am always taking courses, programs and workshops. My eyes are constantly peeled for the next degree I can't afford.

A few things I love doing: seeing my friends (as I get older and life gets more complicated, I am grateful to have some true ones there for me), buying copious notebooks and pens, being a beverage girl, going for hikes and rarely turn down a tea, movie or chocolate.

Mental health has been both a lifelong struggle for me as well as an intellectual passion.

I became a mom in 2021 to the most perfect little one. Motherhood was all new to me and hit like a ton of bricks. It shocked me how little the important parts of pregnancy and parenthood, particularly motherhood, are talked about, and I became very passionate about initiating the conversations and topics I hadn't been exposed to during my own pregnancy and parenting journey. Which brings us here.

I found that what I needed the most during pregnancy and all the challenges that come with parenthood is reflecting on my own triumphs and failures, reading about others' experiences and reminding myself that I don't have to reinvent the wheel at every turn. Lots of parents have done this before and are doing it now.

I hope that this blog will help other parents not feel so alone, inspire some laughs and awww's, or simply provide something to fill up the late-night insomnia scrolling. Whatever the reason, I am truly grateful to have you here!

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