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Thrills and Spills of the Second Trimester

I wrote about the 50 wild ways my body went haywire in the first trimester, so now it’s time to talk second trimester.

The so-called golden period of pregnancy. It’s true that things did get easier during this time, and some of my best pregnant days were during this period, but it wasn’t all great.

In many ways, I think I got really caught up on what I had read and been told about the second trimester – “morning sickness will be gone after 12 weeks” or “the best time during any pregnancy.” In hindsight, I wish I had taken these with a grain of salt instead of as the gospel truth.

One of the most important parts of any pregnancy is realizing that you are not going to have an identical pregnancy with anyone. Period. Comparing can be fun to a point, but my advice would be to use it as one possible experience and not as an anticipated eventuality.

With that in mind, here are a few ups and downs of trimester two.

1. Fear of the unknown

First, there is the nail-biting first ultrasound(s). I had more than one at the tail end of my first trimester because baby was small at the first appointment. There is something so inherently unbelievable about being pregnant, and something so instinctually fearful in hoping baby is okay in there, that makes this one sit at the apex of scared and excited. For those lucky enough to hear that heartbeat, though, it is actually magical.

2. A little belly

True, the belly is pretty cute at this stage. This is when you smooth your top down over the bump and have a cute little pooch that isn’t from chowing down on DQ. There can sometimes be some self-consciousness at this stage, too. For some, cravings become all-consuming (and so do you – ha, mom joke), so there can be discomfort with weight gain. On the other hand, you can be like me and be so ill that for the first time you find you’ve lost weight from a restricted diet. Comments on how big or small belly can be particularly sensitive. Rule of thumb? Just say she looks great and ask if there is anything you can do to make life easier.

3. WTF I still have morning sickness

Reading blogs and talking to moms left me grasping on to unrealistic expectations of when feeling like shit would end. The tough titty truth? It may never end until long after that baby is out. That being said, things do improve in the morning sickness department. Hang in there! For me, it was about week 16 when I stopped being nervous I would barf at every turn.

4. Maternity clothes

Can I just throw it out there to the universe that not nearly enough stores sell maternity clothes! Like come on, pregnancy is hard enough… I got most of mine at the GAP – this was in the height of COVID, though, so there may be more options at independent retailers in-person now. As it was, everything was online which didn’t make much sense when you consider that the clothes are geared for women who have no clue what their body is doing and what would fit best on their new, changed body. Now, once you do find some clothes that fit, however you do that, it is amazing to slide on jeans again and look adorable and put together. And let’s get real, why don’t all pants have that elastic waist?!

5. Feeling baby move

Although it can be uncomfortable, feeling your baby move for the first time is just a wow moment. I wasn’t sure if I had gas or had unknowingly eaten pop rocks the first few times but feeling those little kicks and turning over was incredible at the beginning.

All in all, I can’t complain about my second trimester (though I wouldn’t assign too much truth to the specific dates). I was the healthiest and most physically comfortable during this time and my bump was adorable – small or not, haters.

Wishing all you mamas a wonderful second trimester!

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